This is a beginning…

A beginning of a fantastic adventure.

A beginning of a great epic story.

A beginning of a tragic end.

At least, that’s what I’d like to write. This isn’t anything dramatic and emotional. This is just a beginning, a start to something better, something to mark this day in the novel of my life so that I have no chances to forget how the wind felt on my skin, how the warmth of the sun spread through my veins like fire, and how my sister is literally every bad Asian teen stereotype rolled into one little compact string of hate. I won’t forget my pride at how I argued that Ophelia and Hamlet DID in fact have sexual relations in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet or the offense I took to my sister and her friend, Athena (who knew a girl with this amazing name would turn out to be such an ungrateful soul sucker?), not thanking me for the ride I home. I won’t forget the pride I felt at being called “a quiet sort of beauty” by my neighbor as I stepped out of my car today.

With this beginning, I throw out my insecurities, everything that makes me angry and unhappy, and all of society’s pressures on me to be the most perfect me that I can be. This beginning is giving me a chance to accept all of my flaws and see that I CAN be beautiful even if it’s “a quiet sort of beauty”. A happier life doesn’t start with holding onto every insult and hateful thing said to you, no, it starts when you can forget all of those and come to accept yourself and your body for what they are and that you come to love it and take pride in it.

This is the beginning of something small that will lead to a great story.

This is a beginning.


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