This one is late since I got caught up with school work ><


They accused the girl of stealing the pendant. They berated her with accusations and questions asking her where she stole the pendant from and why. She was a girl of noble blood and good raising, they couldn’t understand why she would risk all of that for a silly pendant. Their loud voices rose as she sat silently in the wooden chair looking straight ahead, not a hint of fear or worry in her face.

“It’s not JUST a pendant,” she mumbled quietly, stunning the two men, “It’s so much more than that.”

“Really now? And why do you say that miss?” one of the men asked, his bushy ginger mustache distracting the girl momentarily. She wanted to rip it from his face and stick it on his eyebrows.

“Answer him now. Just ’cause you’re from that nice family on the hill don’t mean that you can cry your way outta this,” the second man adjusted his faded brown tweed coat, the girl assumed it was to look imposing. Instead he just looked like a little boy playing in his big brother’s clothes.

“You accuse me of stealing something that is mine?” the girl asked mockingly, standing up from the chair and startling the men,  “You ACCUSE me? Do you know who I am?” she asked condescendingly.

Both men stared at her with wide eyes and silently shook their heads ‘No’.

“You will.” She said, a wicked smile gracing her elfin face.


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