She fidgeted in her seat as her professor droned on and on about something concerning rocks on the deep-sea floor. She wrote down the notes on the board and lightly began to tap her pen on her binder. She had started to tap her feet too, so she crossed her legs in the hopes that she wouldn’t tap them anymore. Wrong. Now it just looked like she was twirling her foot in the air.

Biting her lip, she glanced at the clock. It had only been thirty minutes since class started. She still had another half hour before it ends. She slid her freehand into her bag and checked her phone. It read the same as the clock. She groaned inwardly and slumped in her seat, her pen tapping reduced to her rolling her pen around on her desk. Her professor was still talking about the same topic and hadn’t written or said anything new, so she chose to daydream until she could get out.

She stared out of the window near the classroom door and caught sight of the wind hitting the trees. She thought of skydiving and the accompanying adrenaline rush that was sure to go with it. Anyone who looked at her at this moment would notice that she sat straighter in her seat, her feet both planted on the ground, and her pen hanging pointlessly in her hand. She wondered how it would feel to fall through the sky, how it would feel to have the wind hitting her from all sides, how much it would hurt when she pulled the chute open, and floated down to the ground. She couldn’t wait to get out of there.

She was almost done with her final year at university. Soon, she’d be able to leave the confines of her parents’ home. She’d  be able to leave the open space of the countryside and move to the city. She’d be able to go out late with friends, take a boy back to her place, walk around late at night and find a restaurant still open. She couldn’t wait. She closed her eyes and smiled, her feet and pen no longer tapping like before, but there was a quiet and excited restlessness even as she sat content and focused on the bored.


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