It was supposed to be a formal event. That’s what Megan told her. So she showed up at this dinner party dressed to the nines. She wore her favorite teal heals with bows on the back, sheer black tights, and her special green vintage lace dress. She felt like a princess and for once she was excited for a party, albeit this was a dinner party, but it was still a party.

So when Elsie walked into her friend’s house only to find that it was anything but formal, she felt the heat rise to her face and her palms starting to become sweaty, she clutched her purse tighter and faked a smile, choking out a joke about how she decided to dress up like she was in the 50s. She saw Megan, giggling in the corner, barely even getting an ‘I’m sorry’ out. Elsie felt a burning anger fill her and replace the embarrassment she felt seconds ago. She hid everything behind a smile and a laugh.

She took her heels off and set her purse down, slowly walking to the kitchen, waving off the laughs of her friends. Megan followed her, calling her gullible. Elsie laughed along with her, her hands working quickly on the small knife she found in Megan’s kitchen drawer. Without waiting a second, Elsie turned on her friend, pushing her hand hard to her mouth and the knife against the soft skin of her throat. Her elbows held Megan’s arms in place. She looked Megan in the eyes, assessing her.

Her eyes pleaded pathetically with her, begging her to stop. Elsie smiled and loosened her grip a fraction before sliding the sharp blade across Megan’s throat, spraying her with a red mist. She watched her friend slide to the kitchen floor, her hands covering her neck, trying to stop the blood from pouring out. Elsie knelt down and smiled at Megan. She gently pulled Megan’s hands from her neck and wrapped the knife tightly in her hand.

She got up and began to walk away from her friend. She paused and turned back to watch the life slip away from Megan’s eyes. Elsie grabbed a glass and broke it, cutting herself with it and screamed.


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