She looked up at him in the hospital bed. He had just always been there. What was she to do now that he was so close to death? She could smell it on him; the oncoming decay of his flesh, it sickened her. She looked away and walked towards the window and stared out at it, the rhythmic beep of his monitor lulling her into a sense of calmness. She shook the feeling off.

She didn’t want to feel calm. She wanted to scream, to throw things, to beg him to stay with her. She needed him. He was always supposed to be there. It wasn’t fair for him to leave her like this.  She began to pace when she saw his hand twitch in her direction.

She quickly made her way back to his side and sat down near the end of the bed. He smiled at her and coughed before brushing his hands through her hair, the effect immediately relaxing her and filling her with happiness at the familiar touch. They lay like that for a while, him just brushing through her hair, her fighting off the sleep that she sorely needed.

Both fell asleep.

It was the rapid, loud beeping of the monitor that woke her. She began to panic. There he was, lying there, not moving. She began to yell for help, anything. She was shoved off the bed before she could react, a nurse looking down at her before petting her gently.

“Come on girl, you don’t need to see this.” she took her gently and attached the leash from the bedside table to her collar and led her out of the room and away from him.


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