Today was it. She was finally leaving this boring city and heading for a place so much bigger and so much brighter. She packed her last box into her car, thankful that she had been able to drive between her new home and her old one in the past two weeks or she would have had to get a U-Haul. Huffing happily, she looked back at her childhood home and smiled. 

As terrible as this city was, it was still a place filled with happy memories. She’d miss the routine of living here, she’d miss her dad, her friends, and most of all, she’d miss the security and familiarity of it all. She looked away from the house knowing that if she stared at it anymore, she’d want to stay and she didn’t want to, not really. She had to leave. How else was she supposed to get out and see the world? 

She turned at the sound of her dad. He’d be following her down to Los Angeles alongside her uncle, younger sister, and grandmother. Her mom would be following her down to with her godparents and uncles. It was going to be an awkward weekend, but she smiled knowing that she’d be surrounded by her family. 

It was time to go. She got in her car and started it. Taking a deep breath, she stepped on the gas.


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