It was late one night when she saw it, the trail of silver stardust leading from her house to the woods. The young girl wiped the sleep from her eyes and got out of bed, ignoring the chill of the dark as it crept up her spine. She pulled on her wool coat and buttoned it up, then wrapped her neck up nice and snug with her favorite red scarf. She grabbed a pair of boots and socks before leaving her room and tiptoed across the hallway to the stairs, avoiding every fifth step for fear of the creaks waking everyone.

Once at the foot of the stairs, she sat down and pulled her socks and boots on before quickly going out the front door. The trail was still there. The girl smiled and ran after it, her heart racing with the excitement of magic. She always knew there was magic in the woods, it was only a matter of time before she could touch it. She ran all the way to the edge of the woods before she stopped, Don’t do it, it’s dangerous. She ignored the thought and stepped into the woods. 

The trail disappeared and for a moment, the girl panicked. It couldn’t be over now. She turned to look back home only to find that the house and the field were no longer behind her. Just the woods. Her heart began to race, not with excitement, but with fear. She shouldn’t have followed that trail. She was regretting every choice she made leading up to this. Then she saw silver out of the corner of her eyes. She whirled around quickly and saw nothing. 

She felt it behind her, the presence of someone else. Before she could turn, she felt something thin and cold, a finger maybe, twirl a strand of her black hair, gently tugging at it before letting it fall back into place. 

The girl began to walk forward, somehow knowing where to go. The woman appeared then, her hair long and silvery like it was made of starlight, her eyes twinkled with the colors of the universe, and her dress was black as the night sky, the fabric moving like a live creature. She followed the woman, forgetting everything else.


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