Prepared (late post April 18th, 2013)

She was always told not to do this, to wait until marriage. If her mother knew she was doing this, she’d be disowned, humiliated, and hated. Her mother would hate her and her father wouldn’t be able to look her in the eyes. She ignored the bitter sting of tears and looked up at the nurse, nodding.

The nurse wrote some things down and got up, walking across the room to a set of drawers. Pulling a drawer out, she pulled out a twenty or so condoms, two pink cases, and little pink bags.  She got out a small brown paper bag and placed them in it.

She handed the bag to the girl, Are you sure you don’t need anything else? she nodded again, murmuring Thank you. before getting up. The nurse stopped her and gave her a card Feel free to call me if you need anything okay? I’ve seen girls like you who have no support come through here. The girl took the card and left.

She needed to be prepared. Even if her parents will hate her, she needed to be prepared.


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