She loved to come to the seaside. It was calmer here, more breathable, and less constricting. She loved the city, but sometimes, it was just nice to get away, to relax somewhere beautiful and forget about all her troubles back home.

The sea breeze hit her face, the salt in the air stinging and matting her hair. She took a deep breath, the cold air filling her lungs and refreshing her like a good cold glass of water. She pulled her brown coat tighter around her, the wind a happy reprieve but it still brought a chill through her body. The young girl leaned against her car, the wind blowing her hair around her face creating a halo of lilac. She pulled her hair into a loose bun and started to walk towards the sea, taking pleasure in the feel of the sand between her toes and under her feet.

It was always nice to get away.


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