She looked at the new clothes in her closet. She smiled at all the bright colours, fantastical prints, and frilly fabrics. Gone were the neutral colours, pants, and hoodies. She looked down at the shoes she had acquired during the summer. No more ratty flip flops and dirty trainers. Now there was colour not just at the top of her closet, but at the bottom.

She turned and looked at herself in the mirror at the coral lace dress and pastel green tights she wore. The old her would never have worn something so delicate looking but the new her loved this. She loved the whimsy of colourful dresses and tights. She loved feeling like a carefully decorated dessert from head to toe.

Something had changed her during the summer. She couldn’t explain it, but she slowly found herself wearing makeup, dainty flats, and lacy dresses. She still wore pants and trainers and flip flops, she just wore them differently. For example, instead of plain dark jeans everywhere, she had one pair of dark jeans while her four other pairs were patterned and coloured. Her trainers and slippers were no longer dirty and tatty.

This was a new her and she loved it. She loved being comfortable enough to wear dresses and to wear makeup. People always said that more confident women wore no makeup, but she felt just as confident and beautiful wearing makeup.

Getting over her little inner monologue, she walked up to her closet and began to pick an outfit out that would show off her legs.


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