Tremble (Late post April 27th, 2013)

Sometimes when reality got to be too much for her, she’d close her eyes to the shaking world, to the terrifying truth of her responsibilities. She’d take a few deep breaths and imagine that she was a little girl again, that her mom and dad were there to help her, that she wasn’t alone in the world. 

When she felt that the world stopped shaking, stop trembling, she’d open her eyes. Reality wasn’t as colourful or as pleasant as her imagination and that hurt her. It served to remind her that she WAS alone and that her mom and dad weren’t there to help her. Then she’d throw herself into her schoolwork and into her part-time jobs to forget all of that. 

It wasn’t until late at night in bed, just before she fell asleep that she remembered these things. She was alone in this world and nothing would change that.


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