There were thousands of them, waiting to be looked at, picked, chosen, touched. She couldn’t decide which one she wanted, they were all so enticing and beautiful. Her heart beat against her rib cage with excitement and anticipation. Even now, looking at all of them, she couldn’t decide. 

She looked at the older ones first. She adored them at first glance and upon closer inspection, she found that she didn’t need to look at any of the other groups. She would pick from this group and this group only.

Each light feathery touch sent small ripples of movement through each one as she walked through, examining each of them with a careful eye and a sweet touch. 

She stopped in front of one particular one. This was a classic dress. Oh yes. It was the colour of the midnight sky, a careful dazzling of diamonds around the front collar, a plunging v-shape on the back, all of which fanned out at the waist into waves of gorgeous soft silk and tulle. She touched it gently at first, her hands careful and curious. It felt perfect and light as she held a bit of it in her hand.

This was the dress.


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