She looked out her window and saw what she wanted; a white blanket covering every surface, the frost on her window curling and twisting in beautiful pictures as she stared out at the world. She pushed back from her window and ran to her wardrobe, throwing its doors open with a flourish, her hands going in and out, clothes reaching and leaving her hands before landing on the bed behind her.

She turned to her bed and eagerly undressed, excited to put on the first outfit of the winter. She ran to the pile on her bed, closed her eyes, and randomly picked out a jacket, a top, a dress, and a sweater. She placed them at the head of her bed without looking before turning to the drawers on the side of her bed and randomly picking a pair of thick winter tights. Opening her eyes, she looked at her outfit for the day; a pale pink peter pan collar blouse, a mint green long sleeve button up sweater with bows on the sleeves, a thick black wool jumper dress, and her favourite wool water-proofed black and white plaid coat. She glanced at the tights in her hand, the bright pop of magenta a happy surprise to her. She dressed herself quickly, throwing her jacket on and heading downstairs to get her boots.

As she pulled her boots on, she glanced out her front door, the glass top showing her the signs of snow falling. She jumped up and grabbed her brown leather backpack from a table by the front door and was out the door, careful not to wake her housemates up, she slowly closed the door, a soft click letting her know that she was now free to run through the snow.

She turned around, her coat twirling around her in a halo of grey, her black hair a hazy cloud around her head. She stepped off the porch and onto the white playground. She felt it then, the first snowflake touch her nose. It’s soft chill settled and melted as she smiled.

This was her favourite time of the year.


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