He needed her. Ever since he first saw her when she graced his little shop with her daughter a month ago. Her image was seared into his mind. Even now, as he waited outside her daughter’s window, hiding in the shadow of the tree, he could only see her.

She was beautiful in a haunting sort of way. For a little girl, she held herself with a certain air, as if she were older than she actually was. He ignored the thought and continued to watch her, want filling his body and spreading out from his gut. He couldn’t wait anymore.

He slowly made his way to the back of the house, careful not to step on any fallen twigs. He looked up at the mother’s room, the light out, and smiled. He walked towards the back door, his hand automatically reaching up onto the door pane and feeling around for the spare key that the  mother kept there for emergencies. He had been watching her for weeks.

He turned the key and gently pushed the door open, a feral smile gracing his features. He stepped in and closed the door behind him. He listened to the stillness of the house, his heart racing in his chest as he realized just how close he was to his little jewel.

He navigated his way upstairs, drawn by some invisible string to the little girl’s room. He paused outside a door with a “Ula’s Room” sign hanging from it. He smiled once more, slowly turning the doorknob, and pushing the door open.

And there she was.

She was lying on emerald green sheets, curled up on her side, facing the window that he had been so focused on just minutes ago. He watched her; the way her red hair had settled in a halo around her her, the way she curled her hands up close to her chest, and the way her pale skin seem to glow under the moonlight.

He walked into her bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

He set his pack down and quickly sat on top of the little girl, covering her mouth with his palm. She thrashed under him, her eyes opening to reveal opulent pools of crystal blue. She grabbed at his hand with feeble hands, as he stared at her, happiness clouding his better judgment. He didn’t notice when her grip on his arm tightened. He did notice when her eyes changed colour.

Before he could react, the little girl threw him from her, his body slamming hard against her bedroom wall.

“What the fuck?” he sputtered out, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. He stared at the seemingly weak little girl, now standing in front of him, her eyes no longer the stunning blue that caught him, but a deep maroon that terrified him to his core.

He backed up against the wall, wanting to be away from the girl. She smiled at his attempts, her teeth pointed and sharp. She stepped closer to him, giggling as he tried in vain to escape her. She didn’t even give him time to scream before jumping on him, her little hands clawing at him.


“Ula, you’ve made a mess,” Ula looked up from what was left of the man, licking blood from her fingers and putting a sliver of meat in her mouth, “Blood is difficult to get out. How many times have I told you? Kitchen is the best place.”

“I’m sorry mommy.” Ula took on last glance at what was left of the man and walked towards her mother, “He came into my room. I couldn’t wait any longer.”

“Fine,” she hugged the little girl to her, “Let’s clean this up and get back to bed. You can sleep with me tonight.”

“Okay.” Ula replied looking up at her mother and then at the pile of bloody clothes and meaty pieces.

*Note: Ula is Irish for wealthy which is what I think of when I think of diamond. Ula and her mother are supposed to be some sort of Irish faery creature but I couldn’t remember what they were ><


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