She stared at the computer screen in front of her, her green eyes squinting at the bright light in the dark. Pulling back, she leaned back into the couch and stretched. She took off her glasses and rubbed gently at her eyes, trying to rub the sleep away. It wasn’t working.

She felt her stomach grumble and got up. She felt around on the wall for the light switch to her apartment. Feeling the plastic switch, she hit up and light filled her apartment. She squinted and walked to her kitchen, stepping over her laptop’s power cord. She flipped the switch to the kitchen and went to her fridge, pulling it open with a huff. She looked over the contents and picked out some left over ravioli from lunch as well as a small package containing left over eel and rice from dinner. She carried them over to her microwave and piled both dishes onto the same plate before throwing them into the microwave and letting them cook for the next two minutes.

Walking back over to the open fridge, she pulled out three cold bottles of water and shut the fridge. She walked over to her couch and set the bottles down next to her laptop. She glared down at the screen before glancing away at the flat screen television across the room. She grabbed the remote and turned it on, flipping the channel to the Syfy network. 


She walked back to the microwave and took her food out. On her way out the kitchen, she grabbed a spoon and a fork, before flipping the light off. 

Settling down into the couch, she felt a stickiness on the bottoms of her feet. Looking back behind her, she saw trails of red footprints all over her wood paneling floors. Surprised, she set her plate and utensils down before examining her feet. There was dried red liquid there. She got up from the couch and began to walk to her small bathroom when she noticed an arm in the middle of her hallway. It was attached to a body that was just so conveniently inside of her bathroom. 

Dread pooling in her stomach, the woman flipped the lightswitch for the hallway. Light shone down on the pale arm engulfed in a small, but growing, pool of blood. Swallowing back bile that threatened to release itself from her, she gingerly reached around the corner to turn the light on for the bathroom. When that was done, she took a deep breath before rounding the corner and looking at the lifeless face of the arm’s owner.

She looked down at the mangled body of her roommate Sophie, before switching the light off and walking down the hall to the kitchen. She returned with a bucket, gloves, and cleaning supplies. 

She needed to clean this mess up before Sophie got back from her holiday in Greece. 


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